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Francisco Muñoz

Escrito por: Alexa Figueroa 🇸🇻

Headshot of Francisco Muñoz (Diana Rivera)

Francisco Muñoz was sitting in a dim room at the college counseling center trying to

decipher the letter that would ultimately change his life. When he realized that the letter

was an acceptance into the University of Maryland through the Academic Achievement

Program (AAP), he knew that he achieved his parents' American dream.

He attended St John's College High School, a predominantly white institution (PWI.) His

perspective on the world was changed by this experience. He says that attending a PWI

in high school pushed him to join other Latino organizations and prepared him to do the

same in college.

“I was so accustomed to being with my roots that I did feel disconnected when I went to

St. John's, but I think I did surround myself with people who really connected with their


Muñoz is a PG County native and son of Salvadoran immigrants. Growing up he

aspired to be like his dad; a businessman.

“To see my dad, being a leader, really helping his crew grow, I just feel like it really inspired me

to be like him,” said Muñoz.

He initially started as a business major at UMD and then switched to human development at the

end of his sophomore year after reading material relating to the major.

His parents always dreamed that he would attend college. His mom worked at the CVS at the

College Park Shopping Center and frequently walked through campus. She always thought that

it would be impossible for her kids to go to college.

“Now that I'm at the University of Maryland, I feel like she saw a dream that she never thought

would be true,” said Muñoz.

Throughout his undergraduate experience he has served as a tour guide and an ambassador

for AAP. He is currently the Vice President of the Latinx Student Union and the Director of Social

Affairs for the Coalition of Latino Student Organizations.

Muñoz is planning to apply to Graduate school to study industrial and organizational psychology

in hopes of incorporating psychology practices in the business world.

He loves seeing the beauty of life and ultimately wants to see others flourish.

“I think it's really the beauty of life. Just seeing others have joy because at the end of the day,

you don't really know what one has gone through. Because I feel like just seeing them being

happy, you know, reaching their goals. I feel like it's always a wonderful moment to experience.”

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