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Students reminisce at the 2023 Latinx Graduation Celebration

Escrito por: Alexa Figueroa

Photo by: Jenson Castillo

The sound of maracas, cowbells and clapping filled the Grand Ballroom of the STAMP Student Union on May 21, 2023.

The Latinx Graduation Celebration is a ceremony many students look forward to. It is one in which students can celebrate their culture while simultaneously celebrating their accomplishments.

Many attendees and graduates were reminiscing on their personal and loved ones journeys and what it took to finally cross the stage.

“The Latinx graduation ceremony was created over 20 years ago by students who walked in your shoes to not only recognize your hard work as a scholar and a leader, but to also honor the legacy of those whose shoulders you're standing on, which is your community," said Dr. James McShay, Assistant Vice President for Engagement in the Division of Student Affairs and one of the speakers for the celebration.

Photo by: Alexa Figueroa

Christopher Noronha, a friend of a senior who is graduating with a Masters in Business Administration says that this ceremony has taught him how fast time flies and it is important to make sure that you stay connected with your friends.

“I remember when she was thinking about going back for her Master's. And now she's graduating… I know it wasn't easy and she worked really hard. That's just who she is. She's a hard worker. Now she's graduated.”

Katherine Romero, a sociology major and 2023 graduate says that she worked extremely hard to get to where she is today.

“I got readmitted back in 2021, and I got out of academic probation and here I am, It feels weird.”

The ceremony’s Keynote Speaker was Rosemary Ferreira who serves as the Associate Director of the Intercultural Center at UMD.

She shared many words of wisdom not only to the graduating class but to the parents and family members as well.

“El dicho es que mis padres llegaron sin nada, pero esto no es cierto. Este dicho no captura la plenitud de quien eres. Llegaste a este país con valentía y determinación con dolor de dejar toda una vida atrás.”

As students listened and nodded, they took many words of wisdom with them and kept it in their pocket for future use. They walked out hand in hand with their loved ones and some even took their cap and gown off and put it on their parents to symbolize the sacrifice their own parents made for them.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2023!

Photo by: Alexa Figueroa

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