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Alex Mullen

Written by: Dulce Ortiz 🇬🇹

Photo courtesy of Alex Mullen

While he may be found playing basketball with friends or playing guitar, Alex Mullen is usually found at UMD’s Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy (MICA) Office located on Stamp’s 1st floor. As the Coordinator for Latinx Student Involvement at MICA, Alex is one of the friendliest new faces UMD has to offer, acercándose a un año en esta posición.

Alex’s story began in Lansing, Michigan, where he lived in a diverse community with his family. “Lansing is an interesting place to live, especially as a Guatemalan, as it’s home to many immigrant and refugee families,” says Alex, which made him feel at home as a Latino. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 2020 where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Film, Television, and Media. Alex crecio en un ambiente diverso y se volvio bien consciente en la falta de diversidad en la universidad que asistio. El uso esa información para continuar con su carrera en el mundo.

Al año, Alex tomó la decisión de mudarse a Maryland con el propósito de completar más metas con una nueva comunidad. Alex graduated with a Master’s in Education in 2023 from the University of Maryland and now works full-time for the MICA Office. His responsibilities consist of coordinating Latinx Student Involvement, including planning Latinx Heritage Month, and advising different student organizations around campus.

He’s come to love the ever-growing community in Maryland. His position was one that “spoke to him,” as it consisted of the same things he had been working towards in Michigan. Additionally, he admires the “positive steps” UMD has been taking to promote diversity amongst cultural centers and the determination the Latinx student body has towards these topics.

The Latinx Heritage Month theme this year is “Creciendo Con Amor.”Alex cree que este tema refleja fuertemente las historias dentro de nuestra comunidad. “Creciendo” aligns with the progress seen within the community, whether in size, development, or power. “Con Amor” highlights the love that comes with resilience and growth from the community.

Dentro de todo sus trabajos, Alex es inspirado por su madre y sus diferentes mentores que se ha encontrado en el camino. Está orgulloso de establecer relaciones con la comunidad a la que sirve y con personajes de poder. “I love when students are having “student moments,” things people take from their college experience, and create the opportunity to build a space to be themselves.” Aparté de sus metas profesionales, Alex hopes to read more and begin postcard-making with his photography skills.

As learned from one of Alex’s mentors from the University of Michigan, when pursuing something, don’t do something that makes you sick. Alex enfatiza su punto como un consejo para estudiantes. “Many people are doing college for someone else, but don’t let yourselves feel trapped or forced to do anything. We have control over our lives. It’s important to do what’s gonna make you happy.”

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