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Astrid Armijo

Escrito por: Alexa Figueroa

Photo by: Yessica Mayo

When Astrid Armijo was younger, she was determined to become an engineer and follow in the footsteps of her father until she fell in love with psychology and criminology and criminal justice.

Armijo came to the United States from Lima, Perú, cuando tenía cuatro años con su mamá y hermano mayor en búsqueda de mejores oportunidades.

She transferred from Montgomery College to the University of Maryland and is currently a commuter student.

She is getting her degree for her mom who always stressed the importance of getting her education.

“I kind of did it for my mom. I decided to get a bachelor's degree for her, and just kind of support her as much as I can.”

Armijo has been working since she was 16 years old. She says that she wanted to help support her mom when they both lived alone together.

"I only lived with my mom. And I guess it was really hard so I wanted to help out…and then my dad came into the picture. And it was more like I was supporting myself as well with my parents…midway through the University of Maryland, My dad passed away. So now I'm just here supporting my mom, I'm here to help her now. She doesn't have that anymore.”

Armijo se va a graduar un año después y dice que no se rindió.

“I'm kind of proud of myself that I didn't put myself down for graduating a year late because I added psychology into my major. I would say I'm very proud of myself for being consistent to graduate.”

She is currently applying to work in different government agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA.)

“Quiero agradecer a mi padre que tiene el mejor asiento en el cielo por su amor y su apoyo. Me siento tan honrada y bendecida de tenerlos como mis padres. Esto es para ustedes. Los amo.”

Dear Astrid,

I am really proud of you for accomplishing one of your goals in life. Keep being a great example for your nieces and nephews. I’m sure that our Dad is so proud as well. I will always be by your side and support you in every way possible.”


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May 27, 2023

Si que Dios te bendiga por ser buena hija y ser un gran ejemplo de ser humano ❤️

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