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Fashion’s biggest night and controversy dawn the red carpet

Written by: Sophia da Silva 🇧🇷

Fashion’s biggest names walked the “Colgate carpet” on the steps of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in their most extravagant gowns for The Met Gala, dubbed “fashion’s biggest night out.”

The Met Gala is a fundraiser for the museum’s costume institute in which the theme of the Gala generally relates to the collection on show. This year’s theme, ‘Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,’ is a tribute to designer Karl Lagerfeld, who is credited for reviving Chanel.

Lagerfeld’s career spanned many years and fashion houses, including Chloé, Balmain, and Fendi. Despite his many accomplishments, his most notable work was at Chanel as creative director through the 1990s.

By the 1980s, Chanel was viewed as a tacky brand for old women. Lagerfeld revived the brand, making it appealing to the youth, resulting in the legendary Chanel runway shows of the 1990s.

Lagerfeld was responsible for bringing back the iconic designs of the house such as tweed suits, the interlocking “CC” logo, chunky costume jewelry, and quilted bags.

The Met Gala has been under a lot of criticism in recent years for reasons such as being elitist, out of touch, and having boring or off theme looks. Last year’s Gala was one of the biggest victims of criticism.

Guests were lost with the seemingly straightforward “Gilded Glamour Theme,” with Kourtney Kardashian being criticized for her very simple look. People were also offended by the theme amid rising inflation.

Photo via Insider

This year, in particular, the theme was under fire for the character of Lagerfeld himself. Lagerfeld had made many comments ranging from criticism of the body positive, feminist, and Me Too movements, as well as racist comments. This left fashion lovers wondering why he was the focus of the theme.

This year, the general consensus amongst the online fashion community was that it was a boring Gala. The looks matched the theme quite well, but it’s quite hard not to when the theme was so narrow. The looks were straightforward, with copious amounts of black and white, and pieces of archived Chanel.

Via Twitter: ModernGurlz

Lagerfeld was known for loving black and white in his own look, with his signature look being a high-collared white dress shirt, a black tie, a black suit, and fingerless gloves. He also used lots of black, white, and other neutrals in his designs.

Jennie Kim’s look, while looking very pretty, was quite boring. Even though she is a Chanel ambassador she fell flat. Kim wore a white vintage Chanel mini dress with a black sash in the middle and the signature Chanel Camelia in the center. It’s depressing that the house Lagerfeld was known for didn’t impress at the Gala.

Photo via Elle

One large surprise of the night is that a shocking amount of men actually did turn out with impressive looks, maybe bullying does work.

Brian Tyree Henry was in an extravagant look by the Karl Lagerfeld brand. He walked the carpet in a large, ruffley black cape over a black silk vest, accessorizing with layered black and white beaded necklaces.

Photo via Insider

Since 2019, the Met Gala has left viewers dissatisfied. This year’s event was no different. Despite this, the increase in the quality of men’s looks sparks hope in the creativity of the industry.

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