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Gustavo Rodriguez

Escrito por: Alexa Figueroa 🇸🇻

Gustavo Rodriguez standing in front of a generator behind the School of Public Health at the University of Maryland on Jan.30,2023. (Alexa Figueroa

When Gustavo Rodriguez isn’t running the electrical feed on the TV scoreboard at Capital One Field at SECU Stadium, you can find him checking in on the Lakers.

Rodriguez is an electrician at the University of Maryland who was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Maryland his whole life.

His identity is strongly influenced by the fact that both of his parents are Mexican. Growing up, he felt out of place because he felt like he was the only Mexican person around him. Although he remembers being picked on in high school for having Mexican roots, he now takes pride in being Mexican.

A todos nos encanta la comida tradicional. He connects with his Mexican culture through food, specifically chile relleno, tacos, and menudo.

Cada carrera tiene su viaje individual y el camino para convertirse en electricista requiere mucha práctica.

When he got out of high school he tried attending college for a month but he ultimately realized that it wasn’t for him.

He learned about an apprenticeship while working with his cousin's husband and he has been an electrician at UMD since 2005. When he ran the first piece of wire, he knew that being an electrician was his calling.

Later on, he obtained his master’s license which will allow him to start his own business.

Rodriguez has also faced setbacks in the industry. He failed the master’s test and took it a total of three times. Failing only motivated him to keep going.

In his trade, the goal is to lift up others and spread knowledge. To him, success is defined as when he can bring more people up to the master level.

Siempre dicen que hay que amar lo que haces and Rodriguez feels exactly that.

“I love what I do so I don't even consider it like a job because I love wiring stuff. I love turning on lights, I love problem-solving."

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Lulu Vallejo
Lulu Vallejo
Feb 03, 2023

Very proud of this young man for all his hard work and determination. Role model for his peers. Si se puede..Adelante mi raza.

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