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Lt. Gov Miller Celebrates Family Prosperity Act Passage with immigrant community

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April. 12, 2023

CASA is celebrating the passage of the Family Prosperity Act and will be hosting Lt. Governor Aruna Miller and prominent lawmakers at their Langley Park Multicultural Center. This celebration will also include CASA members who fought for this legislation according to a press release from Gabriela Hernandez, Campaign Communications Specialist for CASA.

The celebration will take place on April 12, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. at CASA’s Multicultural Center in Langley Park, Maryland.

This anti-poverty legislation ensures that thousands of immigrant families continue to receive earned income tax credit. Community members will gather for a meet and greet with Lt. Governor Miller, followed by remarks from legislators and community leaders.

According to the release those invited include W&M Vice Chair Jheannelle Wilkins, Former Bill Sponsor Del. Julie Palakovich Carr, HGO Chair Joseline Peña Melynk, Latino Caucus Chair David Fraser Hidalgo, W&M Chair Vanessa Atterbeary, Del. Deni Taveras and Sen. Malcolm Augustine.

Gustavo Torres, Executive Director of CASA says that they are immensely grateful to Lt. Governor Aruna Miller and the entire Moore administration for their commitment to immigrant families through the passage of the Family Prosperity Act.

He says that “the passage of this bill is a testament to the administration's vision to build a welcoming state for all Maryland families, where immigrant families are treated with dignity and respect.”

According to Karen Diaz, a Baltimore County resident, she received an extra $500 in financial relief at the time that the EITC was expanded to include ITIN taxpayers.

“This was a blessing for me and my family. I had two toddlers- including a two-month-old baby- at the time and I was able to buy them some basic things like diapers, clothes, and other things that babies use,” said Diaz.

Photo Via the Maryland General Assembly

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