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Nadine Vos

Written by: Dulce Ortiz 🇬🇹

Nadine Vos (courtesy of Nadine Vos)

Nadine Vos is one of our generation’s rising, talented, and young artists, aspiring to make a change in the world. Having a diverse background with Argentinian, Italian, and Dutch roots, she’s created meaningful and unique artwork, inspired by her surrounding world.

Nadine currently creates oil-based, realistic paintings, something she has specialized in for the past 11 years, that follow two main themes. The first is still-life artwork, as she finds it to be a way to “connect with her [Dutch] heritage.” The second is the environment, and specifically, the issues it faces, interpreted by her international perspective. Through her pre-existing interests and art pieces, she developed themes to match her identity and the current issues found against nature, wildlife, and animals.

Many of Nadine’s family members were immersed in the world of art, whether as sculptors or painters in their home countries. Her grandfather, specifically, was an artist, one of whom has inspired much of her work, mediums, and skills. Nadine also learned art history from a young age, through trips to museums and art galleries and trips around the world. All of this inspired her to “continue the inheritance” with her personal touch.

She began experimenting with different mediums and began her art career at age nine. She was attending several art schools by the end of her eighth-grade year and was spending nearly three hours a day on her art both inside and outside of her regular school hours. Nadine even traveled to Florence, Italy to take an art workshop that focused on portraiture in traditional Italian Renaissance styles.

Artwork courtesy of Nadine Vos

As her high school years progressed, she began her exploration of themes. Her talent only furthered her career, where Nadine came to win six awards under Scholastic Art and Writing for a variety of art pieces. She also won four awards from the U.S. Congress, leading her winning pieces to hang in U.S. Representative Jamie Raskin’s office.

Nadine is now pursuing a double major in Art and Environmental Science with a concentration in Economics at UMD. With her time here, she has become a proud member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and participated in an internship with the Dutch government focusing on sustainability and water.

From preparing her materials to artistically setting up the focus for a still-life recreating, Nadine has developed immense skill and patience for her muse, with her smallest paintings taking nearly a month to finish (not including the time it takes to varnish a piece.) She has also overcome many of the hardships an artistic career faces, like understanding what methods work best for her personal style or understanding the purpose and direction she wants to take her career.

Nadine has come to be incredibly proud of all her work, loving each piece equally. She hopes that, through her work, she can inspire people through the stories she tries to depict about environmental issues and uprising artists. She remains thankful to be inspired by her grandfather and the teachers she’s had along the way. 

Her next big step is to have her artwork hung in a museum, in a way, to come full circle to her past memories.

For people determined to follow an artistic path, Nadine advises to “paint a lot, and if you draw, draw a lot... The more you practice, the better you get and the more pieces you have. Even a little bit every day”. 

To admire her beautiful artwork, you can view her portfolio on her website: 

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