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Jason Callejas

Escrito por: Dulce Ortiz

Photo by: Diana Rivera

Desde pequeño, Jason Aron Callejas ha tenido pasión por dos cosas: la política y los negocios. Con su interés, decidió convertirlo en su futuro. The proud Salvadoran will be graduating from the University of Maryland as an international business major this May.

Callejas was born in El Salvador and lived there up until the age of 16, at which point he decided to immigrate alone to Maryland. He shares many joyous memories from his time in El Salvador as he describes his culture as “una cultura llena de colores y fiestas.”

He saw the joy and beauty in the landscape, the people, the religion, and the food. A fond memory of his childhood consists of celebrating two major parties that would last an entire week: one in January and one in July.

He mentions la “alegría de esperar un momento de felicidad,” as he referred to the parties which showed him a glimpse of the beauty life has to offer.

Ultimately, the thing he loves most strongly is his hardworking and devoted family.

“Vengo de una familia que es sumamente trabajadora.”

His family’s work lives influenced him into following his current career path, after seeing his mom work in business, his grandpa own a truck business, and a few uncles work as town mayors.

“Todos tratamos de realmente aportar a algo bueno, que sea en nuestras vidas o en las vidas de los demás.” But most influential to him were the words his late grandmother shared to him growing up. She wanted him to receive a master 's degree, and as she would say it, “que no solo te quedas ahí, pero si no, que estudias, estudias, estudias, que tú puedes.”

He says that she didn’t have much of an education, but it did not stop her from dreaming for family to receive the chance she never had.

After attending community college for a few years, Jason transferred to the University of Maryland in late 2020, where he would describe his experience as “buenisimo.”

He joined the international business club, participated in many conferences in his spare time, and worked on the Smith’s School of Business’s Embassy Day. His favorite memory at the university was participating in the career fairs because he met many employers and many more students.

“Siempre salí feliz.”

He ultimately stuck to the field of international business for two reasons. The first being that he loves international work, whether that’s through business, strategies, or different themes, not only in the private sector but also the public one. The second reason is due to his family’s import business.

Upon graduation, he’s going to continue working for the family business and will get a master's in political science at a nearby university.

Through his successes, he thanks three main figures for helping him get here: his late grandmother, late grandfather, and his mother.

He states that they’ve always influenced, supported, and given him advice, and were the people he could share his virtues, his triumphs,,his struggles, and his joys to. He regards them highly, and his awe for them resembles the love he sees in his culture; “they can always find something new to move onwards in life.”

He gives advice to first-year students that he wishes he’d had when his life was just beginning.

“En la universidad, siempre nos vamos a encontrar un mal día, un mal semestre, un profesor con quien no nos llevamos muy bien, o una mala nota. Pero nada de eso determina el futuro de alguien.”

“Always put your objectives in God’s hands, and pray to Him for what you

want to achieve in life.”


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