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The rematch nobody wanted: Trump, Biden and political fatigue

Written by: Maximo Legaspi 🇵🇭

Image via Newsweek

A Joe Biden and Donald Trump rematch certainly was not what many hoped for coming into 2024, yet it’s what the country is settled with. 

Whether it be fatigue, amassed over the past eight years under the two presidents, or general discontent with the state of the country, the fact remains that a good part of the United States is tired of the two.

A survey done by The Economist found that 54% of people polled did not want Biden to run again and viewed him unfavorably, with 50% of people answering the same for Trump.

Trump, who is mired in various legal issues stemming from the Jan. 6 insurrection, faces skepticism from many Democrats and moderate Republicans. On the other hand, Biden must deal with pushback with younger, left-leaning voters in the upcoming election, dissatisfied at his handling of the conflict in Gaza. 

Additionally, the candidates’ age serves as a concern for many voters, with their old age creating questions about their reliability to serve the country. Biden, 81, faces concerns for his mental sharpness, with many deeming him “senile”. Trump, 77, has faced similar criticisms for his bodily health.

One must wonder why, for the past several years, our choices for our country’s leaders lie with two old and out of touch men, who, with every step they take, have their health questioned.

Finally reaching voting age last year, I was excited to participate in American democracy, ready to cast my vote for a candidate I truly believed in. Instead, we are once again forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.

Even with Biden having various successes in office over the past four years, including two straight years with unemployment under 4%, a more effective COVID-19 response, not to mention a higher feeling of acceptance for various communities across the country, he still hasn’t been perfect.

Chief among the grievances has been his response to the conflict in Gaza. Many criticize his backing of Israel and its military efforts, seeing the high count of civilian deaths and lack of humanitarian aid that is sorely needed for the citizens of Gaza. His age also brings in worry, and despite reports of mental sharpness, the fact remains that he is 81, far beyond the age anyone should be working, much less holding one of the most powerful positions in the world.

Little could be said about Trump and his past administration that hasn’t already been said. Aside from “allegedly” inciting an insurrection after he lost the election, one of his most concerning ideas is widespread militarized deportation. 

Planning for soldiers to round up undocumented immigrants, Trump’s aides say that they will be far more effective in a hypothetical second term than in his first.

And thus, our choices for leaders of the most powerful country in the world. As an Asian-American, I feel inclined to support Biden, seeing as he has been outspoken in his support for the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community, especially in the wake of various high profile hate crimes during the pandemic. Still, his response to the war in Gaza, while it benefits U.S. foreign policy, hurts millions of innocent people. 

If Trump wins, his rhetoric and policies could open up the floodgates to an even greater restriction on rights. Many in his party already seek to restrict personal freedoms and rights, and, with Trump in office, may get the green light to go even further.

Must we always be saddled with politicians who do not understand the issues we face in the modern world, and who seek to bring the country back to a time of repression and hatred? 

Out-of-touch politicians are everywhere, just look at the recent TikTok congressional hearings, in which TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew, who is of Singaporean descent, had Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) constantly question his ancestry, asking him repeatedly if he was Chinese or had any connections to the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s high time that the country has candidates that both understand the issues we face, and ones that represent the country as a whole.

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